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What is credit repair?

CREDIT REPAIR is a tool enabled by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA is a federal law that encompasses all responsibilities and liabilities to be assumed by credit reporting agencies, creditors, and consumers. This law extends the right of U.S. consumers to dispute any information contained within their credit reports that may be considered inaccurate, incomplete, unverifiable, or otherwise questionable. The removal of this erroneous information often results in significant increases in your credit scores. Please note at this point,there are absolutely no guarantees that your credit scores will increase following the removal of errors or negative information. Credit scores are calculated using multiple ratios, multi-stage aging intervals, frequency, or lack thereof, of credit usage and applications, along with many others factors. If your credit reports lack satisfactory accounts, or are very limited, you may see little or no gain in your scores. Credit repair is not a magic show. Done properly, it is a strategic approach requesting the removal of erratic information from your credit reports stemming from carefully reviewing and comparing all reports for contrasting data. There is no such thing as a Credit Sweep. Any company claiming to have the ability to do so should be very cautiously approached. It is strongly advised to report such businesses to the Attorney General’s office of your home state.

Who we are?

CREDIT SCORE LAB is a team of credit professionals with strong backgrounds in finance management and credit services. The service we offer is something that can be done by individuals hemselves, however, given the nature of this service and the education necessary to effectively execute it, we do suggest seeking the aid of somebody who specializes in this field. Our completion time, results, low price and client resources are unmatched in this business. By offering our service at a low cost to our clients, our goal is to ultimately bring a good name to an industry that has been predominately run by high priced hustlers.. We believe people deserve a fresh start, and will provide to our clients a cost effective means to rebuild their financial lives.

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"I'm very happy with the service I got from Credit Score Lab team, I highly recommend them very professional and trustworthy, great work." - Aaliyah Maxwell (Hair Stylist)
"Excellent team & excellent quality service!!!! Definitely one of the best choices i've made & the price is AMAZING!!! Thank you for saving me!" - Ivanko E. (Truck driver)
"I highly endorsed these guys! Great work they are doing for the community!" - Manhor P. (Construction Engineer)
"Score increased about 150 points in just a few months...they took care of my negative information and removed it. Complete game changer!!! " - Johnatan T. (Auto Sales )
"Credit Score Lab really helped my credit. They're the best !!!" - Pam W. (Student)
"Professional and courteous, really effective, fast!! Whoever need credit repairs.Credit Score Lab is a no brainer!" - Maria W. (Unemployed)
"I had a score of 459, 7 months ago and now i am at 790. l love the improvements that i am seeing. I was very skeptic but my trust is being earned." - Anton Demidevsky (Programmer Freelancer)
"Great results! Tried doing this on my own for months... and got nowhere. Credit Score Lab really gets the job done professional and fast!" - Medina S. (Personal Care )
"Best of the best. Credit Score Lab team I love you. You change my life. Now I can get loan for my business! Thank you!" - Sim E. (Photographer)
"This is a great company and they have already raised my credit score in less than 40 days! Very professional and not they give best price on the market." - Dara Lee (Self employed)
"It's took three months to clear up my disputes. I'm pretty amazed with this guys. I will recommend them to peoples that need help fixed their credit score." - Wanda S. (Interior Designer)
"We are so happy we picked Credit Score Lab. They fixed our score, removed inquires and now we can get best rate for FHA loan." - Mendoza Family (Self Employed)
"I was very happy with the service I received at credit pro repair, ely the owner was really nice and vey professional, I'm very happy with the final outcome. Thank you!" - Nicolas Komazcki (Manager)
"Truly outstanding.. I had a blemish on my credit reports and Credit Score Lab team were recommended to me by one of my bankers! Must say I was skeptic! They have proved to be the best! Very professional.." - Jennifer Raya (Sales person)
"Personally I rate them above the rest, the service is excellent, the staff are amazing I couldn't ask for more, they took my credit from below 600 all the way to over 800, now I can walk in any car dealership, in my own words THE BEST!" - Monica M. (Baby sitter)

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Credit Repair Service include your full credit report analysis. CREDIT SCORE LAB will find negative inaccurate information on your credit report and perform work on removing this items according FCRA law. After negative information will be removed our team will run credit score rescoring process that will raise your credit score for at least 100+ points.** Usually full Credit Repair Service takes 30-45 business days.