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Our Chicagoland credit repair experts at Credit Score Lab have been certified credit repair professionals since 2014. Prior to starting Credit Score Lab, our CEO was a mortgage broker and saw firsthand how bad credit was affecting his clients. In order to help them qualify for home loans, he began working to repair their credit and, within a few months, he was able to increase their scores to the point that they qualified for great rates for the homes they wished to purchase or refinance. His success in helping people restore their good credit convinced her to switch professions and become a credit repair specialist and form Credit Score Lab.

From the moment Credit Score Lab takes on a client, we work constantly on improving and repairing credit for our clients. Since 2014, we have helped thousands of clients with credit repair and raising their credit scores so they can purchase or refinance homes, purchase cars, start and/or expand businesses and all with substantially lower interest rates! While repairing credit may not be rocket science, it does require a qualified credit repair expert who knows the law and what they are doing and can be trusted. Our credit repair company can fix your credit, just like we have done for so many others, but you must take the first step and call one of our Credit Experts for a complimentary consultation.

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